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Home Owners

Protecting Your Home

If you notice termites or even what you THINK they might be -

Call our qualified technicians for an inspection with our

TERMATRAC T31 technology 


receive advice as soon as possible


What Does Termite Damage Look Like?

Often you will find:
  • Paint that is beginning to bubble on surfaces
  • Mudding around skirtings, door frames, floorboards etc.
  • Mud tunnels lining the foundation of your home, either inside or out
  • Tiny holes on any wood surface in or outside your home
  • Stray wings left near doors, windows and/or garage
  • Flying termites around or inside your house. Often seen near light.
termite stump.JPG

What We Can Do For You

Don't panic! The first thing to do is give one of our friendly staff a call.

We are here to guide you with the best & most affordable advice for treatment to suit your budget by using the latest TERMATRAC T3i  technology.

Then leave the rest up to us and our qualified technicians!

We use the latest FMC Homeguard treatments.


As well as general pest treatments, we have over 24 years experience working with the building & construction industry. 

Our experienced team provides all types of pest services (such as termite protection, waterproofing & concrete curing) when building to protect your greatest asset ~ your home!

We use the latest FMC Homeguard treatments so give us a call today & we'll be happy to answer your questions!

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