Termite Management/Barrier/Control Systems from TERM-seal


The ultimate in long term protection against Termites with no impact on the ecology.


In Australia, one in every five homes is attacked by termites, reportedly causing an estimated $780 million worth of damage annually. Your home is one of the most valuable investments you will make. Although termite proofing may not be as exciting as choosing the design of your new kitchen or the tiles for your bathroom, it is far more important.


The cost of termite damage is not covered by household insurance, so protecting your investment from concealed termite attack should not be taken lightly. The many products on the market make all sorts of wonderful claims, but how do they really stack up?


TERM-seal Termite Management Systems consist of a group of highly specialised products that integrate to provide true, impenetrable protection against Termites. Bifenthrin is an active control agent which repels and kills Termites but is safe to humans, animals and the environment once installed. Our unique, patented technology uses Bifenthrin in the manufacturing process, which results in products that have all the benefits of chemical protection without any residual, environmental or dermatological impacts.


Term-seal products have been developed because of the inadequacies of other products seen within the industry in recent years. Australian owned, designed and manufactured, TERM-seal systems are designed to provide superior protection against termites in Australian conditions. Our products have been rigorously tested by independent Australian bodies, are CodeMark certified, comply with all Australian standards, are APVMA registered and have been awarded the future friendly stamp under Cert-Mark certification.


Planning on building? Commercial builders and owner builders, we urge you to research the termite protection products available and make an informed decision... TERM-seal Termite Management Systems will give your home a lifetime of superior low maintenance protection against Termites that is safe to your family, your pets and the environment without any costly re-treatments.


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